Care Instructions

We recommend, cleaning and servicing thoroughly RSC Custom Wheels products at regular time intervals, but at least twice a month, as follows:

The following points must be observed:

  • The rims to be cleaned should not be too hot during cleaning to avoid burning to prevent the detergent
  • Do not use acidic or alkaline rim cleaners
  • Only allow the rim cleaner to take effect for a short time
  • Only apply the cleaning jet of the exhaust lance at an obtuse angle
  • Only use soft sponges or brushes
  • Do not use metal cleaning products such as steel wool or scouring pads
  • Only dry with soft cloths (leather, microfibre, water magnets)
  • In general, do not use chrome polishes or chrome care products
  • Do not use any polishes at all on rims with a matt finish

We also recommend RSC Custom Wheels products (preferably before first use) to seal with wax or ceramic sealing products for aluminum rims.


All RSC Custom Wheels parts may show paint damage and corrosion during the warranty period. When operating in regions with extreme environmental conditions (high salinity, for example, near the coast and / or increased winter operation by gravel and road salt), the RSC Custom Wheels parts are exposed to many times higher loads, which can be seen in premature paint loss and corrosion. It is therefore advisable to clean or evaporate the RSC Custom Wheels parts as well as possible in such regions with every car wash. The functions of the RSC Custom Wheels parts are not impaired in their function in case of paint damage and corrosion. Paint damage and corrosion are no guarantee.