Renault Megane 3 R.S. Trophy N °0082

Conversion Rally N4 – devil Exhaust

Here’s described the installation of the Rally N4 – devil exhaust. For an even better result in execution and end result, it was especially paid attention to some details.

First, the engine cover was removed.

The shielding plate of the turbocharger, the front lambda probe end and the mounting nuts of the original catalyst have been removed.

The transmission oil was drained, the lower engine bracket and the right drive shaft were removed.

The bearing bracket of the right drive shaft was removed and the original catalyst and pulled out from below.

The middle muffler was removed.

Before that, the middle muffler was separated from the rear muffler at the designated point.

After that, the rear muffler was removed.

The Rally N4 exhaust system does not have a vibration damper. This was welded in between retrospectively. The installation location was determined and the downpipe cut into three parts. The central pipe section was then exchanged against the vibration damper.

The three pipe sections were welded together again.

The now modified tube of the Rally N4 exhaust system was installed first. Screwed from the top to the turbocharger and the lambda probe was reinstalled.

And screwed down in the middle tunnel to the provided holder.

Without the metal catalyst in the OEM installation location, it now has a lot of space.

Detail view.

The right drive shaft, as well as various brackets were reinstalled. The gear oil was also refilled.

From above the shielding plate was attached again.

Danach wurde die Motorabdeckung Von oben war nun alles wieder fertig.

The middle part of the Rally N4 exhaust system, consisting of the middle muffler and the metal catalytic converter, was installed.

The tailpipe was reinstalled.

The whole Rally N4 exhaust system fits perfectly. The tailpipe also sits exactly in the center of the carbon cover without any special adaptation.

The second lambda probe is now installed a little further back. Therefore a Plug&Play extension cable was made.

The Plug&Play extension cable was plugged at the front in the near of the gearbox.

The Plug&Play extension cable was passed on around the steering gear.

The Plug&Play extension cable was clicked into the original fuel line holder.

This to the rear end of the central tunnel to the second lambda end.

From the outside you can see no change. Only small hints indicate on a different sound and performance.


The RS Center Video From The Installation