Renault Sport Spider N °0409

Conversion Analouge Dispalys & Steering Wheel

Here’s described the conversion of the analouge displays and the steering wheel. For an even better result in execution and end result, it was especially paid attention to some Details.

After the interior conversion on carbon look, it was now the analogues and the steering wheel adjusted to it. The conversion of the detachable multi-function steering wheel itself was already carried out in 2001.

So it looked so far.

The steering wheel and the instrument cluster were removed.

The analogue instruments.

The individual round instruments have been expanded.

The round instruments were opened.

The pointers have been removed. They should be black.

The pointers were covered.

And prepared for painting.

The cover tape was removed.

And the pointers were put back on again.

The round instruments had to be calibrated again. Here is the speedometer.

Also the oil pressure indicator.

Also the water temperature display.

There were also new rings in matt black.

The rings were replaced. Here the original ones in chrome.

Here the rings in matt black.

The rings were assembled.

Since the round instruments of the Renault Sport Spider are exposed to the weather, the inside of the glasses were treated with anti-fogging agents.

The round instruments were closed again with the glasses.

The instrument cluster was reassembled.

The detachable multi-function steering wheel had already been installed since 2001. It should be identical covered like the new carbon look of the rest of the interior.

The view from behind.

The steering wheel was disassembled.

And the electronics unit was disconnected from the steering wheel.

The view of the electronics unit from the front.

The steering wheel is ready to cover.

The steering wheel came back from the saddler. It was covered in carbon look artificial leather, identical to the R26R carbonfibre racing seats.

A light gray center marker was added.

And the seams were kept in black.

The electronic unit was mounted again, and the detachable multi-function steering wheel was ready to mount.

The instrument cluster was also ready to mount.

The instrument cluster was mounted on the dashboard again.

The detachable multi-function steering wheel was plugged on and plugged in again.


The RS Center Video from the conversion