Product Description


Technical Features

  • Progressive working monotube shock absorbers (Double piston gas pressure system)
  • M52 outer- & 44mm piston diameter, piston rod diameter 20mm & 14mm
  • High designed piston rod guide in the damper cap
  • Intelligent Progressive Damper Adjustment (RSC IPDA™ System)
    (Automatic mechanically progressively regulating piston valves)
  • 12- or 24- times bump and rebound adjustment depending each other
    (Rule window displacement of the automatically operated piston valves)
  • Vehicle height regardless adjustable of the spring preload
  • Depending on the vehicle, high adjustment range of up to about 120mm, spring clearance
  • Depending on the vehicle, height adjustable stabilizer bracket with holder on the strut
  • Depending on the vehicle, adjustable stabilizer rods available as an Option
  • Depending on the vehicle, adjustable camber plates with camber adjustment
  • Depending on the vehicle, eccentric camber adjustment on the strut
  • Dampers in steel and passivated in black
  • Stabilizer rods passivated black
  • Steel parts & Stabilizer rods passivated black
  • Steel springs coated polymer-based
  • Aluminium parts in forged aluminium & anodized
  • Standard color Renault Sport Suspensions: Grey / Yellow
  • Standard color All Brand Suspensions: Black / Black
  • Use equally road & track, tailored special setups possible

Your Advantages In Comparison

  • M52 Monotube- gas pressure shock absorbers with automatic setup adjustment
    (The most sport & club sport suspensions with adjustable bump and rebound use 2-tube
    dampers with ~ 50% smaller piston area)
  • Intelligent Progressive Damper Adjustment (RSC IPDA™ System)
    (Other monotube suspensions have a fixed setup and smaller piston diameter)
  • Prices from CHF 2980.-
    (Comparable competition monotube suspension kits from about CHF 4000.- to 12’000.-)
  • The adaptation of the automatic control in damper done practically abruptly. Thereby an
    extreme quiet and fast damping behavior.
    (Other monotube dampers usually have only fixed setups)
  • This damper technology allows using harder springs, without affecting negatively.
    (Other monotube dampers can control harder springs usually limited)
  • With a “control window” – adjustment it is impossible to adjust a damper wrong.
    (Other monotube dampers offer with a free adjustable bump and rebound a high level of
    operating and adjustment errors)
  • The entire strut concept is silent: The joints bearings have a special coating, the bearing
    surfaces of the camber plates are designed large, and the monotube shock absorbers
    develop no flow noise.
    (Other strut concepts transmitted and generated usually more noise)

Sale Prices

  • All Brand & Renault Sport coilovers acc. to application & price list resp. Online Shop
  • Extra charge Special Color Renault Sport & Custom Color All Brand: + CHF 190.-
  • Adjustable stabilizer rods per axle: CHF 150.- (2 pcs.)
  • Fixed camber plates per axle: CHF 490.- (2 pcs.)
  • Adjustable camber plates per axle: CHF 590.- (2 pcs.)
  • All Prices / Information excl. 7.7% VAT
  • For prices in €, see the RS Center / Downloads section (only valid for EU & UK customers)
  • It applies: Order / items against prepayment


  • CH: Manufacturer certificate for up to 40 mm lowering
  • CH: FAKT Opinion for the adjustable camber plates (CHF 95.-)
  • D: Manufacturer’s test certificate for the individual TÜV- decrease

Delivery Times

  • All Brand Suspensions in the standard color about 4 weeks
  • Renault Sport Suspensions in the standard color about 3 weeks
  • Custom Color Delivery time about 4 weeks.


  • 2 years from date of delivery.
  • The warranty refers to manufacturing defects and leaks in compliance with the properly
    according handling and professional installation of the product.
  • This also assumes compliance with the supplied installation & care instructions which also
    are provided on our homepage to download.
  • The warranty does not apply to damage caused by improper handling and unprofessional
    installation, failure to comply with the supplied installation & care
    instructions, which also are provided on our homepage to download, and which are due to
    the influences of externally violence.
  • When operated on race tracks, the warranty expires

Further Information

Special Made Solutions

  • Request with completed RSC Competition special order- form
    (Download from or and photos of the suspension
    components on the vehicle and / or individually.
  • Depending on the preliminary investigation and preparation, the coilovers / spring,
    damper parts & camber plates are to be sent.
  • Depending on the preparation the car is to provide for several weeks.
  • Costs and delivery time are individual and are defined in terms of a preliminary investigation.
  • Depending on the complexity and advanced preliminary investigation may be charged
    an allowance in absence of order placement.

RSC Competition Special Order Form