RSC Coilovers

Some RSC coilovers kits are for sale. The RSC coilover kits offered here were only used for test / initial installations (create instructions) and are at the latest technical sales stand. The warranty period is also 2 years. The indicated swiss prices are to be converted in euro at the respective daily rate. The indicated prices are understood without shipping, so pick up at RS Center.

RSC Competition Pro Toyota GT86

Item number: PTZN-BB

Equipment: Adjustable front axle camber plate, fixed rear axle camber plates, reinforced & adjustable RSC stabilizer rods, standard color “BB” (black/black)

Condition: Used

Selling price: CHF 2569.00

(New price: CHF 3480.00 + RSC stabilizer rods CHF 190.00: CHF 3670.00)

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