Renault Sport Spider N °0409

Conversion Carbon Look Interior

Here’s described the conversion of the interior to carbon look. For an even better result in execution and end result, it was especially paid attention to some details.

So it looked so far.

So it looked so far.

So it looked so far.

The door panels were expanded.

Also the rear center console, the shift lever and handbrake cuff.

The door trim was disassembled and the old artificial leather pulled off.

The artificial leather was also removed from the rear central console.

The R26R carbonfibre racing seats by Sabelt.

View from the side.

The cover was also peeled off to the R26R carbonfiber seats.

And they were thus ready for re-referring with artificial leather in carbon look.

Of course, the embroidery was adapted accordingly.

The artificial leather parts came back from embroidery. A black embroidery was chosen, as the seats here in the spider will always be exposed in the open and therefore to the weather. Also the embroidery and the seams should not stick out too firmly from the overall picture.

The silky matt carbon look.

The glass fiber parts came back from carbon coating. They were painted uniformly with clear lacquer in silk luster, including the R26R carbonfibre seats, so that all parts have the same subtle gloss. Too shiny was also not desired, so that the parts did not stick out too much, and because of the strong shine the optical carbon structure would be lost.

Detail view.

The carbon coated and painted center console.

Detail view.

The painted carbonfibre shell of the R26R racing seats.

Detail view.

The R26R carbonfibre racing seats came back from the saddler.

The result can be seen.

Detail view.

Detail view.

Detail view.

The shift lever and handbrake cuff in the carbon look.

Of course the Sabelt etiquette was sewn again.

The door panels were mounted.

The retaining straps, which had previously been in the door panels, were now omitted.

The passenger seat were mounted.

The driver’s seat also. In addition, the old Sparco 6 point belts were replaced against new TRS racing belts. They have a better quality, and the adjusters and belt buckle are uniformly black. Perfect.


Detail view.

Detail view.

The rear center console was also mounted.

The shift lever cuff in carbon look synthetic leather.

The handbrake cuff in carbon look synthetic leather.

Detail view.

The RS Center Video from the conversion