Renault Sport Clio V6 Ph2 N °0364

Installation Steering Wheel & Driver Seat

Here’s described the installation of the steering wheel and the driver racing seat including racing belts. For an even better result in execution and end result, it was especially paid attention to some details.

The original driver’s seat and the steering wheel were expanded.

The steering wheel hub has been installed.

The resistance for the driver’s airbag circuit was also mounted.

The spoked Sparco steering wheel was installed.

The seat consoles were adjusted.

And the racing seat was mounted.

The view inside.

The racing seat is ready assembled.

The mounting holes for the belt eyes also fit.

The outer belt eye was mounted.

The inner fastening point of the belt eye.

The inner belt eye was mounted.

The racing belts were hung on the outside.

On the inside also.

The racing belts were attached to the seat.

The attachment points for the rear belt attachment were determined.

The positions of the welding threads were prepared.

The environment was protected.

The fastening threads were welded.

The fastening threads were welded.

The fastening threads were welded.

The welded areas were treated with zinc spray.

Afterwards cemented and painted in the car color.

The sealing strips were re-assembled and spared.
The engine compartment cover was spared and mounted.

The upper engine cover has also been installed and the belt eyes are screwed.

The racing belts were also attached at the rear.


The RS Center Video From The Installation