With the RSC HLS Lift Systems, lowered cars with coilovers can be lifted in order to safely drive over obstacles such as speed bumps, raised entrances, railway crossings, construction sites, garage and underground car park entrances. With the RSC HLS4 (4 channel), the car is hydraulically lifted on both axles by up to 35 millimeters. This prevents aerodynamic components, underbody protection or even the oil pan from being damaged. The RSC HLS4 is a universal installation kit for all common cars.

It must be clarified in advance on a car-specific basis whether the car and the coilover kit used meet the technical requirements in order to be able to operate the RSC HLS4. If necessary, changes need to be made to the existing coilover kit.

  • Hydraulically operated
  • 4 channel version (Front axle / Rear axle)
  • Operation from the interior using the included button with LED display or two radio remote controls
  • Fast lifting in 8-10 seconds on HLS4
  • The scope of delivery includes a cable harness, hydraulic lines in universal lengths, distribution blocks, fittings and seals
  • Lifting cylinder, hydraulic pump and control unit always black galvanized or anodized
  • Spring plate black anodized, anodized to match the color (Custom Color) for the coilover kit on request
  • Application only permitted at walking pace
  • CH: Declaration of suitability enclosed
  • D & A: Manufacturer’s clearance confirmation for the individual acceptance is enclosed
  • D & A: Manufacturer component and strength reports for individual acceptance on request

Price RSC HLS4 excl. taxes.: CHF 2580.00 / € 2380.00

Please inquire with the required details as vehicle and installed coilover kit.

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