Renault Sport Clio V6 Ph1 N °1111

Installation Audio Art Car Hi-Fi

Here’s described the installation of the Audio Art Car Hi-Fi. For an even better result in execution and end result, it was especially paid attention to some details.

RS Center distributes and installs Car Hi-Fi components from Audio Art. Audio Art sells and used not only chosen Car Audio products, but also produces its own components under the name Scustic. Here it comes to use a music system from the lower middle segment of Audio Art. This solution consists of:

  • Alpine CDA-137BTi CD Receiver
  • Alpine APF-S101RE Steering Wheel Remote Control Interface
  • Alpine KCE-USB3 USB Port
  • Alpine KCU-442i iPod Adapter
  • iPod Classic 6.5G 160GB “Renault Sport Clio V6 N°1111″, silver anodized
  • RS Center iPod Console in Alcantara look embedded in the passenger footwell
  • RS Audio 16cm 2-Way System, Tweeter on the dashboard painted matt blue
  • XETEC Gravity 4G-600 4 Channel Amplifier, painted matt blue, illuminated with LED
  • Audio Art Bass reflex housing (2x 8″ / 20cm), covered with Alcantara
  • 1 Farad condenser
  • 10mm2 Power Supply Cables including Fuses
  • 2.5mm2 Speaker Cables
  • Insulating Mats for the Front Door Panels
  • Optima Yellow Top S 4.2 55Ah 765A starter battery

This music system was installed in 2003 and is still in operation today in the same configuration. The Alpine CD Receiver CDA-7969R was installed with the Alpine CD changer CHA-S634 until 2021. Since the display of the CD receiver unfortunately no longer worked and there are no more spare parts available for repairs, the CD receiver had to be replaced with a more up-to-date model. Since the private CD collection is still available, but is taken outside on storage media, the CD changer was also exchanged for an iPod. The previous halogen spot lighting was also exchanged for a contemporary LED footwell lighting.

The specifications for this music system were that no additional changes to the original parts, such as additional holes or cuts, had to be carried out on the car, so that no parts would have to be replaced or repaired after dismantling. In addition, all components that can be seen, especially the loudspeaker system, should be installed inconspicuously, invisibly, or at the originally intended installation locations.

The previously installed Alpine CDA-7969R. A top device that I would continue to use without a display failure.

The display lighting previously matched the rest of the dashboard lighting perfectly.

The Alpine CD changer CHA-S624 was installed at the original installation location of the OEM CD changer under the passenger seat. The OEM CD changer holder fit without modification. The Xetec amplifier was fastened with Velcro in the passenger footwell. The 1 Farad condenser is directly behind it, further up on the heating box.

The Xetec amplifier was painted matt blue, identical to the interior. The set up of the music system was done conventionally back then and not via a DSP and software, as is common today. From soldering crossovers, to changing the reflex channels of the bass housing, to setting the filter and levels under the stainless steel panel above in the middle of the amplifier.

Initially, the passenger footwell was illuminated with a halogen spot that could be switched on as required. The halogen bulb was later exchanged for a blue LED spot. The unusual installation location of the amplifier results from the narrow interior space of the Clio V6.

The Optima Yellow Top starter battery fitted to the original installation location without any major adjustments. Since there is no engine in the front of the Clio V6, laying the power supply cable including fusing was not a tight job.

The RS Audio 16cm 2-way system fits into the front doors without modification…

…and the tweeters in the dashboard without any changes. They were painted matt blue identical to the interior.

The bass reflex housing made by Audio Art is driven by two 8 “/ 20cm woofers from RS Audio. Due to the lack of space in the interior of the Clio V6, a custom-made housing had to be made. It was also covered with dark blue Alcantara.

The rear speakers of the Clio V6 are located in the area of the B-pillar and are no longer used. The plug connection of the bass reflex housing could therefore be accommodated in the cavity on the right-hand side.

The floor panel is covered with Alcantara and previously had an additional compartment for a second spare CD changer magazine. This is about to change.

An MDF board was cut for the iPod console, which makes the recess of the reserve CD magazine compartment disappear. The iPod console has also been incorporated.

The recess for the iPod console became a compartment.

Then the new compartment was glued into the previous base plate after the Alcanatara cover and the previous compartment had been removed. The splice and transitions were sanded.

The base plate was first covered with foam…

…then as before with dark blue Alcantara. The Alpine KCU-442i iPod adapter was incorporated into the iPod console as a contact point and screwed together into the compartment.

The finished floor plate was pressed into the passenger footwell with Velcro. If there is a passenger, the original floor mat is placed over it.

The previous LED spot as footwell lighting has been replaced by a modern LED strip. It can be switched on and off individually.

The iPod Classic 6.5G 160GB is already available from Apple in silver to match the car. The white click wheel was exchanged for a black one.

And the back was fitted with the matching engraving.

The new Alpine CD Receiver has a hands-free function. For a perfect integration into the car, the supplied microphone was disassembled, worked into a microphone cover from the Renault OEM range and mounted in the interior light.

The new Alpine CD Receiver has a hands-free function. For a perfect integration into the car, the supplied microphone was disassembled, worked into a microphone cover from the Renault OEM range and mounted in the interior light.

The Alpine CD Receiver is exchanged as standard. The Alpine steering wheel remote control adapter was also used again. The Alpine USB extension with mounting socket KCE-USB3 was laid between the Alpine CD receiver and the iPod console.

The display lighting of the new Alpine CD Receiver no longer fits as perfectly as that of the previous device. The right amber color can only be selected in conjunction with red. So I chose blue / blue, as this fits with the visible status LED of the amplifier, the LED footwell lighting and generally with the dark blue interior. Done.