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Here you can find customer feedbacks about the RSC Suspensions products, which are constantly collected from all corners of the internet. Have fun while reading!

Are you owner of a RSC Suspension coilover? Or could you drive a car with an RSC Suspensions coilover inside, and would you like to give us your feedback now? Then don’t hesitate and share your opinion. We will publish it here.
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Elmar from Germany (Renault Sport Mégane 3 R.S., Forum, 22.07.2015):

Yes, RSC Suspensions was on dealer tour also with me, with his MRS3 Trophy and the complete components of the RSC Competition coilovers. So I could get an impression of the suspension, the individual components and their processing. For the info, I have a MRS3 with KW Clubsport suspension with Raeder Setup and a MRS3 Trophy-R with Öhlins Suspension, so I have already driven some coilover kits, which exists for the Megane. To the components: Who’s at the weekend for the meeting at Almi, should and must take the coilover in the hand! Building, implementation and especially the quality is TOP! Who ever had a KW damper in his hands, immediately noticed the difference in the workmanship, KW works in addition to the RSC Competition but much easier. Perfect is the implementation of the adjustment of the vehicle height without changing the spring preload, this isn’t possible either at KW or at Öhlins. What RSC Suspensions in my opinion has also solved in perfection, is the adjustment and fastening of the camber adjustment at the camber plates, in contrast to the KW isn’t a plate which has only a small supporting surface pressed against a much too small surface, so that the clamping plate bends during tightening, no, in the variant of RSC Suspensions, this adjustment and fastening is very massive and nothing can bend, just take a look at Almi. At the Öhlins there’s no camber adjustment! When driving, the difference of the coilovers is even more clear – in advance, on the MRS3 of RSC Suspensions, it was mounted 20″ wheels with 30s cross section – the tire has no own damping behavior! On the first meters was clearly felt, this coilover kit is the hammer, although hard but comfortable, it’s unbelievable that a vehicle drives so gentle with 20 “and 30s cross-section. At the KW suspension, who has one mounted, no matter whether a V3 or the Clubsport, will be able to confirm, the vehicle is never quiet, it hops and bounces. It should be thought of here the 20”, then it will be- I think – extreme. In fast-moving corners and on uneven road, this is most noticeable! No hopping or bouncing, the coilover springs gently but totally tight, You have the feeling that the vehicle is pulled right onto the road. In the comparison RSC to the Öhlins, the damping behavior of both vehicles is the same, because both coilovers have the large piston diameters, the disadvantage of the Öhlins is well-known the actual too little deflection way, which makes height adjustment downwards impossible. What still strikes me, think also knows everyone who has installed a KW, it rumbles and knocks on the front axle extremely on uneven road. Such noise isn’t present in the MRS3 of RSC Suspensions with the RSC, but for that a hot exhaust sound! I think I have put the impressions here on paper, but it’s difficult to describe what one must actually experience and feel, I will in the future especially, if it’s possible, come back  to the swiss product, before I mount a KW coilover kit, WOW I am thrilled !!!

Christian from Switzerland (Renault Sport Mégane 3 R.S., Forum, 22.07.2015):

I was also able to drive the MRS3 from RSC Suspensions about 3 weeks ago and I am thrilled. I myself drive an MRS2 with KW-V3 and camber plates including 8×18 with 235/40/18 Yokohama Advan AD08. I’ve driven the same distance with my MRS2 right after, which I have driven with the MRS3, to compare the impressions. But it’s, as Elmar writes, difficult to describe. The quality described by Elmar can only be confirmed. I was allowed to look at the individual parts before mounting, and complete struts after the assembly, both TOP quality. I felt the suspension while driving, in contrast to Elmar, as not really hard (damper position was about middle). What was impressive, is the quietness while working the dampers and the vehicle on the road. Ground waves are simply swallowed away to a certain extent, the vehicle never reacts nervously, hits never existed through some deeper waves (I was instructed to go through this) to my absolute amazement. Especially to the last point I must say, that the configuration of my MRS2 with KW in comparison isn’t so good and I am amazed by the possibilities with a RSC Suspended Coilover. Conclusion: A completely different feeling as original or competing coilovers, especially my configuration works in the direct comparison only loud, rumbling, nervous and ultimately somehow (emotionally) also overstrained.

Almi from Germany (Renault Sport Mégane 3 R.S., Forum, 22.07.2015):

As most people have already read, RSC Suspensions. was also with me. Also I was allowed to drive a bit with the M3RS with RSC. To RSC Suspensions advantage on my home stretch. So I can compare and judge the whole very well. To my astonishment, as regards the wheel-tire combination, the RSC Suspensions coilover works perfectly. I would like todrive it with another wheel-tire combination. But that might work out another time. Also to me, although the coilover is very tight, it was very comfortable. No rumble and no rattling, even when passing through crisp waves or holes. Fast long curves as well as short curve changes were not an issue, also the braking in and the acceleration out of the curve was very precise. No breaking out and no tearing of the vehicle. What you should not forget about the driving performance is, that the vehicle is still “brutally” low. On the subject of processing: Just WOW! This is not a comparison to another chassis. But it can be reviewed at my meeting at the weekend. I have an RSC and a KW damper to touch, so that you can see the direct comparison. In my opinion one of the best suspension kits, I have driven and know. I can only recommend the products of RSC Suspensions.

Babbels from Germany ( Forum, 27.07.2015):

The quality is 100% the best, I’ve ever seen. If it’s driving only half as good as it looks, it would be the hammer. I already have a KW Clubsport in it. Otherwise, I would be weak…

Dominik from Switzerland (Renault Sport Clio 3 RS, Facebook, 28.09.2015):

Ok well, then I will report my first experiences (I have the RSC only since 23.9.15 in it). What can I say? Mine is the first Clio 3RS which the RSC has in it. So I’m a bit proud of myself. I drove a little around in the area and noticed the difference immediately. The driving behavior was very quiet, nicely balanced and still crisp. My RSC set up is for the road and thus a little “softer”. My Clio is now perfect on the track and has a feeling of infinite grip. I have 18 “wheels from OZ on it with Dunlop Sport Max RT tires in 215/35 (not the best combination), but it goes perfectly around the corners without the ugly understeerring. Now the season is slowly coming to an end, and then my Clio is put into winter sleep. Next year in the spring, the Yokohama Advan AD08R will be mounted with the OZ Superleggera and then i will test it properly. Also on the track in Anneau du Rhin is the plan. I find it very good, that you can adjust the hardness of the RSC very easily. At the front and rear you just have to turn the small wheel on the top of the damper, and the coilover becomes harder or softer (bumb and rebound together). The camber can also be easily adjusted in the installed state (you can see it in the corresponding Clio 3 RS album). The wait was very long for me as the first buyer, but it was definitely worth it. The Clio has also become much deeper (especially rear). Too bad I find, that the whole RSC looks so cool, but you can’t see much of it in the installed state. You should have fender made of glass! But all in all, I am super satisfied with the RSC and I can only recommend it to anyone. So a compliment to RSC Suspensions, who has developed everything and put it on its feet. If you need technical data (maximum lowering, maximum hardness, maximum fall, etc.), you have to ask RSC Suspensions. I can only say, what I have with me and how it feels.

Frank from Germany (Renault Sport Mégane 3 R.S., Forum, 10.10.2015):

The RSC Pro version now installed for two, three weeks. The coilover is quieter than KW Clubsport in everyday life, with slightly opened front axle, but also noticeably more comfortable, especially on fast, small damping tasks, otherwise similar. Approx. 20 laps on the Nordschleife so far, still looking for my Nordschleifen set up, in any case so far three clicks harder on the front axle, than in everyday life (adaptation goes in 10 seconds). The rear axle is still standard set up of RSC Suspensions. It drives very nicely, the steering behavior is similar KW Clubsport, however a little more understeer (as said, still looking the setting), but better traction and somehow harmonious (subjective, I know). The lap time felt slightly faster than with KW Clubsport, maybe a bit more stress-free, because you feel somehow more reserves (I know, subjectively). Maybe in the spring to Raeder for set up. I still do not know exactly, whether it remains installed, because the homologation turns out as “difficult” (to formulate positively). I drive about 70 to 80 rounds on the Nordschleife per year (can also be times more ). Brake OEM, OZ Alleggerita in 18″ with 245/35 all around. I drive around the eight minutes (can also be times, or sometimes less).

Note by RSC Suspensions:

Regarding homologation, RSC Suspensions still applies to every german customer (including Frank) before a purchase of an RSC: RSC installation and homologation partner is the Autohaus Fahrbach in Bad Mergentheim. There the whole process happens smoothly. The Autohaus Fahrbach also cares only about a homologation, if german customers want to install their RSC itself, or also about installation and homologation together, if an RSC coilover kit was ordered directly at RSC Suspensions. In short, the Autohaus Fahrbach offers and cares about everything around the topic RSC Suspensions. Of course, every customer is free to homologate at his homologation center near him with individual homologation. This is also understandable for the size of Germany. A RSC Suspensions manufacturer’s safety certificate is always included.

Alrik from Germany (Renault Sport Mégane 3 R.S., Forum, 01.12.2015):

Here is a short feedback from me. My coilover kit has now been easily installed / measured (thanks to the Autohaus Waldow!), and also homologated by a DMSB expert near Cologne. He praised the exemplary processing of the  RSC Competition Pro kit. As it dissolved an RSC 3D sticker from the adjuster during assembly, RSC Suspensions has sent me directly free replacement! Thank you so much! I’ll come to the drive unfortunately only next spring. So I can recommend to anyone to make an appointment with Elmar and his RSC Tracktool next season, to form a self-opinion.

Dieter from Germany (Renault Sport Mégane 3 R.S., by Email & Forum, 22.02.2016):

I can now also give my opinion to the RSC Competition Pro. One of RSC Suspensions RSC “Christmas coilovers” went to me and now it’s in place of the cup in it. I was very excited about the result and I have to say, that the expenditure for me has paid off. The car is quieter on the road, and especially on the highway at high speeds, the hopping on successive ground waves is gone. I have driven over a really violent ground wave, and the car was so good in the track, once briefly compress, and further without bouncing or similar. The winding country road makes also a lot of fun. Of Course, first of all everything is subjectively, but according to my feeling, the fun has increased! Isn’t quite cheap, but the parts make what from the valence. I have it mounted by the long-standing workshop of my trust here on the spot, and they were quite impressed with the quality. I always had e-mail contact with RSC Suspensions. They are easy to reach and happy to help. This also applies to the Autohaus Fahrbach, which I visited for the Homologation of the coilover kit. That has worked fine, and I’m went back with the successful homologation. On this occasion many thanks to the Fahrhaus Fahrbach. Long story, short meaning … Result: Cup well … RSC Competition Pro full good!

Rouven from Switzerland (Renault Sport Mégane 3 R.S., Facebook, 26.08.2015):

Now I have the RSC Competition Pro 2 months in it and I feel like in the 7th sky! The RSC Suspensions coilover is really absolutely perfect and it drives itself fantastically! I would never give it back! What I particularly like about this product, is the communication between RSC Suspensions and the customers! Really exemplary, as they take their time for the customers to answer even the smallest question!

Alrik from Germany (Renault Sport Mégane 3 R.S., Forum, 01.04.2016):

Finally, I have come to test the first kilometers  with the RSC Competition Pro coilover kit, and now I can give first comments. It makes HUGE fun! What I noticed directly: While I was accustomed by the OEM Cup suspension to be shaken wildly on uneven streets and only was constant nod, the RSC Competition Pro exudes an incredible calm. At every moment, I feel very safe with this suspension, because it doesn’t react for me so “bitchy” on inputs like the original Cup suspension. Where I still braked with my Cup suspension, now I go with the RSC rather on the gas. Sure, the RSC benefits from the UHP tires, but the previous Michelin tires weren’t bad either. The first impression is therefore always positive. The RSC Competition Pro doesn’t make any unexpected noise, is much more comfortable than the old standard suspension and in addition, it provides an incredible safety. Just great! So I’m looking forward to more experiences and am already looking forward to the comparison with other coilover brands.

Matthias from Austria (Renault Sport Mégane 3 R.S., Forum, 25.04.2016):

After the guys from RSC Suspensions spending a few days at the Wörhtersee, RSC Suspensions, I had the pleasure to make a round with their yellow Mégane, to test their coilover. Originally, we didn’t want to exchange the suspension at our RS, since it’s mostly moved in everyday life. But the feeling with the RSC Suspension is simply unbelievable. As already described several times, with the recommended everyday settings of RSC Suspensions, it’s really a huge increase compared to the standard suspension, when it comes to feeling on worse roads. The Mégane doesn’t pass on the unevenness so unfiltered as the standard cup suspension, and he “battles” less at canal covers. At the same time,  in direct comparison with the series suspension, he’s much more stable and tends much less to the outside of the curve at fast corners, the steering feeling seemed much more direct and direct to me. Conclusion: The short way, which I and then my wife have driven with the RSC Suspension coilover, have really convinced us, that the Mégane can still experience a noticeable increase by the RSC Suspensions coilovers, both when he’s moving fast and in everyday life. We will access as soon as possible.

Adrian from Austria (Renault Sport Mégane 3 R.S., Forum, 26.05.2016):

Finally, I find time to share my experiences. RSC Suspensions has let me drive at the Wörthersee a round with their Mégane with the RSC Competition Pro kit in it. I’m just doing something difficult, to put the whole thing into words, you have to feel it best yourself. On the test ride, I always had in the back of my head, that the Mégane of RSC Suspensions is on 20″, and because of the small cross-section of the tires, no suspension is to be expected. I ride on my Mégane the original 18″ Cup AX-L rims and he was still more comfortable to drive on our streets with the RSC Suspensions coilover! If you drive with the original Cup suspension over canal covers or coarser bumps, then the whole car partially acts very restless. In contrast, the RSC  Suspensions coilover “swallows” the bumps and canal covers away, as I couldn’t have imagined.
In the curves, the RSC works much calmer and you simply “dare” faster to drive. Because to the lower center of gravity and thereby, that the tendency to the outside in the curves is almost completely gone, you just feel safer and in my opinion, you will also get faster. For me, it was already clear before the test drive, that I buy a RSC Suspensions coilover and the test drive has proved this in addition! Hat off over your work, RSC Suspensions!

Elmar from Germany (Renault Sport Mégane 3 R.S. „RSC Tracktool“, Forum, 05.07.2016):

So, here is now my first impression of the trip to the Salzburgring with the RSC Tracktool: On the way to the Salzburgring, I had previously thought about the 550 km without insulation material and noise protection. Is this possible without getting a “skull”? Yes, it is. I must say in the interior, the volume is pleasant, not loud or obtrusive. So after about 200 driven kilometers, I thought to myself: Oh, it’s going to be warm on the gas pedal, it seems the sun is coming in. So after a further 100 km, it was extreme and I looked after. No sun, but extreme radiated heat from the bodywork towards the gas pedal, because of the missing insulation mat. I wouldn’t have expected that so much. To the trackday, we were with the RSC Tracktool and my red RS TCe 265 with the KW Clubsport. I wanted to feel directly the difference of both coilovers. The RSC Tracktool lies on the ring simply fabulous, perfect grip in curves and especially when braking where the pavement is wavy (in front of the east loop), in my opinion, the difference of the coilovers is the largest. No trampling or bumping, just perfect. The KW Clubsport is on the almost flat road surface also not bad, but the vehicle tends to understeer at fast tight corners, where the RSC never appeared. My coworker, who drove the red RS in the beginning, didn’t get right with the vehicle. He felt a bit unsure, so his statement. After the first change of vehicle, he could no longer be braked, a broad grin and the statement: “This is a real race car for the race track, which lies as glued! ” says everything! A change of vehicle was no longer an issue for him, he only wanted Tracktool!! In the afternoon, it began to rain. Here the understeer of the KW Clubsport was really strong. You couldn’t take the swing off the curve to the straight. The red RS only slipped over the front axle, the RSC Tracktool then also a little bit, but never so extreme. To the correctness, I must say, that the RSC Tracktool was on the road with 18 “and Yokohama AD08, and the red RS with KW Clubsport with 19” Bridgestone, but both vehicles with exactly the same axis setting. The Drexler locking differential is the hammer! Much better as the OEM locking differential, no comparison. Speeding out of tight corners is the best! Actually the vehicle is carried out physically in the direction of curves outside radius, when accelerating out. Here’s not, the RSC Tracktool is properly drawn into the curve, so strong, that you even have to open the steering again. Just crass and really great! The only negative effect: When the load changing in turns, the vehicle is very agile on the front axle. It produces a little bit of self-steering behavior (noticeable mainly on country roads). The PFC brake discs in combination with the Endless M48M long-distance pads, incredible what brake deceleration is possible with cold brake. If the brake system has once the temperature, it’s the madness! Such brake deceleration / braking effect is simply sensational! I didn’t expect that so extreme! The only negative point: The system develops very, very loud braking noises and squeaking noises while driving slowly. The short shifter is then still the top of the whole car, there comes up real racing feeling. In short, I myself have very high expectations in the RSC Tracktool, my expectations have already been exceeded at the first longer ride. One of my worries or concerns was, whether the OEM engine performance is enough, or I still have something to do with the ECU software. So much I can say: The engine performance is sufficient for me. We are driving that weekend 1,380 km without problems, but a point there is still what I can and must say: The addiction factor of the RSC Tracktool is extremely high! Greeting Elmar, Autohaus Fahrbach.

Matthias from Austria (Renault Sport Mégane 3 R.S., Forum, 09.08.2016):

After I had a few words on the RSC Tracktool album already briefly over the RSC Suspensions coilover (I could test the RSC Tracktool at the meeting of Almi), here again briefly a bit something specially detailed about the RSC Suspensions coilover. As in the normal Mégane, the RSC Competition Pro drove fantastic in the RSC Tracktool. The car gives a great feeling immediately after the first few meters, It drives really “sovereign”. If the vehicle is driven hard, it feels a bit more stable. The adaptive technology from RSC Suspensions does a really great job here and reacts quickly and very well at higher speeds and loads. Fast turns feel even safer, thanks to the lower side inclination. And what have inspired me simply anew, and is always worth to mentioning: The car feels much more comfortable in everyday life, than with standard suspension. Unevenness, canal covers etc. are simply swallowed better. Just for people like me and my wife, for which the car is a daily driver, this detail is important.

Lukas from Germany (Renault Sport Mégane 2 RS, Facebook, 04.02.2017):

Today it was really round. Sebastian and I have installed the RSC Suspension Coilover kit together. The kit is qualitative very high quality. It’s really thought through and you realize, that the manufacturer is much on the road in racing. Each screw connection is stable and built so, that it can be screwed very easily. It was installed very quickly by Sebastian. I can only say thank you. Thanks Sebastian for the many work, and thanks to RSC Suspensions for the highest quality coilover kit, I’ve ever held in my hands.

Bock Racing from Germany (Renault Sport Mégane 2 RS, Facebook, 09.04.2017):

Today, we were able to test really great. I have to say something: The RSC Suspensions coilover kit is awesome! The car goes perfectly around the curves. It works very accurately and very quickly, but it also forgives small errors. Since the Mégane is a front-runner, he tended to understeer. This is now completely gone. Many Thanks! And Frikadelli Racing was also very impressed by the RSC Suspensions coilover. It can be adjusted very simply and fast, would be really great to set up, and it’s higher quality than KW, Bilstein and Co.!

Christian from Switzerland (Honda Civic Type-R Turbo FK2, Whats App, 05.06.2017):

Welcome +R, bye bye loose back! This was my first impression after the first test ride with the RSC Competiton Pro in my Civic Type-R FK2. For me personally, the Civic Type-R FK2 with active +R Mode and not perfect ground is not easy to drive. This has changed fundamentall. It’s indeed tight, but it dampens progressively and the ground contact remains much longer than before. Then there was the loose back. It makes fun, if you have to drive always under tension, but in the everyday business is a bit annoying. With pleasure, I realized that this property was now gone, and the Civic Type-R FK2 is now much better on the roads. It’s almost superfluous to mention, that the car can be moved around the curves better and faster. What is also exciting is, that I don’t miss the electronic OEM damper control at all. The adaptive damper system of the RSC Suspensions coilover makes the job outstanding.

Julian from Germany (Renault Mégane 3 R.S. Ph3 Trophy, by Email, 21.10.2017):

Ok, then I give here now also my Feedback. I myself drive a Renault Mégane 3 R.S. Ph3 Trophy, which is now used more than Tracktool. Since I have installed the RSC Competition Pro in April 2017 with some further changes in the Autohaus Fahrbach in Bad Mergentheim (Germany), I have been able to test it in a long and versatile way. The first trackday on the Nordschleife was then already in April, and I had a cozy journey with the setting “7 clicks open” (= in the direction of soft) of max. 12 clicks. Already on the Highway, I noticed how the RSC Competition Pro coilover works much better with ground waves and edges (transverse grooves) than the original Cup suspension. In corners, such as a motorway exit, you notice much stronger side forces because of -2.5 degrees camber at the front axle and -2 degrees camber at the rear axle. Then at the racetrack, I adjust the RSC Competition Pro within 2 minutes on “2 clicks open” at the front axle and “3 clicks open” at the rear axle of max. 12 clicks. After 4-5 laps I had full confidence in the RSC Competition Pro and the new Set Up. I could instantly drive 15-20 seconds faster than before with the Cup suspension. The car goes more jagged and much faster around the corners, and in long corners it pulls the Mégane more inside than before with the Cup suspension. After other everyday tests I can’t fault anything. The RSC Competition Pro runs perfectly, is very stable and quiet when braking. On the race track of Anneau du Rhin (F) I drove the RSC Competition Pro completely closed (0 clicks open = max hard) to front axle and rear axle. It worked perfectly on the race track. With some modifications, such as the ATS GTR, Yokohama AD08R, brake cooling, Recaro Pole position seat etc., the Mégane 3 R.S. Ph3 Trophy works on the Nordschleife and other circuits first class! This is also due the RSC Competition Pro. Thus the Mégane makes much more fun and is more and more at home on racetracks. I am very satisfied with the quality and the driving performance that was possible with the RSC Competition Pro, and I will continue to drive diligently and give feedback again with some further changes.

Thierry from France (Renault Mégane 3 R.S. Ph3 Trophy-R, Forum Mégane R.S. France, 26.03.2018):

I am very excited! Of course, the Trophy-R with the RSC Competition Pro Öhlins Upgrade Kit is now almost perfect on the circuit, but in addition it’s now perfectly on winding and uneven roads. So far, the front wheels were overloaded because of the applied torque, and now every HP and Nm is transferred to the asphalt! Well done!

Mark from UK (Renault Mégane 3 R.S. Ph1, by Email, 31.08.2018):

Now I have just returned from Germany. Raeder Motorsport set up the car for the track: -2.5 ° camber in front, damper settings 6 clicks in front and 3 clicks in the back open. The handling of the Mégane is brilliant. No scrubbing, very neutral and stiff. On normal roads, I drive 8 clicks ahead and 7 clicks behind. Very good-natured and just the right hardness for the road, although intended for the racetrack. The dampers are fantastic! I’m really impressed by the RSC!

Michael from Germany (Renault Mégane 3 R.S. Ph3, WhatsApp, 04.05.2019):

Now I have installed the RSC Competition Pro coilover kit in my Mégane 3 R.S. Cup-S for almost a year. The coilover is worth the price. If you want a high-end coilover kit, then RSC Suspensions is the answer. Top quality for a great price. Very good advice and customer service for inquiries.

Marc from Switzerland (Renault Mégane 3 R.S. Ph1, WhatsApp, 16.05.2019):

I have the RSC for the third year in my tracktool. I was thrilled from the beginning! So far I drove regularly Nordschleife and Dijon. The RSC works confidently on both courses! Now I had brought my MRS3 directly to RSC Suspensions for a new set up. It was well worth it! I was back in Dijon this week. 1:37:48! 3 seconds faster than last year! The car was initially to settle in… Logical. Steering behavior and oversteer behavior have changed. However, I have significantly more grip and in the border area neutral over / understeer, which is very easy to control at this moment. I can also set the braking point later and just have more confidence in the car. Therefore the 3 second improvement! The 991 Cup and the 458 Cup with slicks biting their teeth on the RSC airplane in the infield! Of course, they drive otherwise easy at 1.28… The colleague with his 911/2 GT3 PDK was amazed not bad when driving behind me, what the french turtle can do! …almost everybody has it! Super work RSC Suspensions! …even if the tires are over now!

Axel from Germany (Renault Mégane 3 R.S. Ph3, by Email, 01.06.2019):

I picked up my Mégane 3 R.S. last week at the Autohaus Fahrbach. I’m really excited about the RSC Competition Pro coilover kit! The nervousness of the standard cup suspension has completely disappeared. Due to the great set up, the steering, which was previously extremely sensitive, is now perfect. If you consider now, that I currently drive a very “unfavorable” wheel-tire combination (19 inches with 35 cross section), and thus the tire has almost no self-damping, it’s very remarkable, what the RSC Competition Pro coilover kit already causes. My best friend has also made a round (he’s been doing motorsport for many years and has a GT4 and a GT3RS, which he only drives on the track). And he was enthusiastic about the RSC Competition Pro coilover kit and that’s saying something! Since I will use the Mégane 3 R.S. as a pure tracktool, in the next season is planned a change to 17 inches with 45 cross section tires. My first trackday will be on August 9th in Spa. I’m very curious, how the RSC Competition Pro goes on the track!

Dario from Switzerland (Alpine A110 Première Edition, by Email, 17.04.2020):

I chose RS Center to convert the suspension, wheels and racing catalyst on my Alpine A110, because I have followed RS Center’s projects for years. The exchange of experiences during the conversion phase has always made me feel positive. The great expertise and tips from RS Center are valuable. RS Center informed during the conversion timely and factual. The quality of the work convinced me in every respect. For me it was absolutely important, that the RSC Competition Pro fits my Alpine. Visually as well as technically. In my opinion, the set up is much better than in the original condition and leaves nothing to be desired. I can absolutely recommend the RSC Competition Pro coilover kit and would use the services of RS Center again at any time.

Markus from Germany (Renault Mégane 3 R.S. Ph3, Facebook, 11.06.2020):

I’ve been driving the RSC Competition Pro in my Renault Mégane 3 R.S. for a while now and I can only recommend it! Comfortable to drive in everyday life, already sporty hard, but still comfortable! Definitely rounder than other Clubsport suspensions! Similar to the original cup chassis, only everything with reasonable ground clearance. In my opinion, the RSC Competition Pro only shows its true talent on the Nürburgring Nordschleife! The Mégane lies like a board and drives incredibly safely, no matter which corners! I’ve only done 60 laps on the Nordschleife and, thanks to the RSC Competition Pro, I’m already doing 8:15 times with standard performance! Great product! I would choose it again!

Michael from Austria (Renault Mégane 2 RS Ph1, by Email, 09.06.2022):

The installation went very well and the installation instructions with pictures helped me a lot. It drives insanely well, cornering speeds are a lot faster. I have not changed the recommended default setting. The RSC coilover drives great! For me it‘s suitable for everyday use if the roads are not too bad. If there are deeper potholes, the harder springs on the front axle will of course have an impact on the interior. But that’s completely normal. The rear, which was always so nervous and tended to swerve when braking before corners with the original chassis, has become noticeably more directional. The traction when accelerating out is great, as if a locking differential had been installed. I will of course recommend RSC Suspensions to others!

Raphael from Switzerland (Renault Mégane 3 RS Ph1, by Email, 25.01.2023):

I’m very excited and I regret that I didn’t switch from KW to the RSC sooner. The cornering is TOP and extremely direct. Despite the hard springs, much more comfortable than the KW and yet harder. It’s just fun and I’m already looking forward to it again when the weather gets warmer. The coilover is worth every franc / euro and thanks again to RSC Suspensions for everything. Nowadays it is no longer a matter of course that a coilover kit supplier takes so much time to explain everything to a customer. Also on site using individual chassis parts, and also a few RSC cars. It’s also great that RSC Suspensions always responds to emails quickly and informatively.