Honda Civic Type-R FN2

Installation Audio Art Car Hi-Fi

Here’s described the installation of the Audio Art Car Hi-Fi. For an even better result in execution and end result, it was especially paid attention to some details.

RS Center distributes and installs Car Hi-Fi components from Audio Art. Audio Art sells and used not only chosen Car Audio products, but also produces its own components under the name Scustic. Here it comes to use a music system from the lower middle segment of Audio Art. This solution consists of:

  • Alpine 7“ Advanced Navi Station INE-W987D
  • Alpine Reversing Camera HCE-C117D
  • Alpine DAB Antenna KAE-232DA
  • Scustic Tact 16cm 2-Way System
  • JL Audio 3-Channel Amplifier XD500/3
  • JL Audio 25cm Subwoofer 10TW3
  • JL Audio RCA Cables XD-CLRAIC-18
  • 10mm2 Power Supply Cables including Fuses
  • 2.5mm2 Speaker Cables
  • Insulating Mats for the Front Door Panels

The specifications for this music system were that no additional changes to the original parts, such as additional holes or cuts, had to be carried out on the car, so that no parts would have to be replaced or repaired after dismantling. In addition, all components that can be seen, especially the loudspeaker system, should be installed inconspicuously, invisibly, or at the originally intended installation locations.

The components.

The music system was installed at the same time with the interior modification. Since the entire interior was empty, the required Car Hi-Fi cables could be laid very easily. Here is the power supply for the JL Audio power amp, which will fit in the luggage compartment.

As well the speaker cables for the Scustic Tact 16cm 2-Way System.

The cable passages in the A-pillars still had enough space for the loudspeaker cables.

The remaining lines such as RCA signal cable and rear camera cable were also mounted to the Alpine Navi Station INE-W987D.

There were attached sealing tape to the adapter rings for the Scustic middle woofers in the front doors.

And mounted on the door panels.

The Scustic middle woofers were also provided with sealing tape.

The Scustic middle woofers were mounted.

The crossovers found space behind the mirror triangles. This way, they remain easily accessible.

The Scustic Tact tweeter have a housing made of brightly milled aluminum. For this installation, the  housings were painted gloss black to match to the new interior.

The Scustic Tact tweeters fit without conversion of the mirror triangle in the original installation location.

The perfectly integrated Scustic Tact tweeters.

The cables of the door lock were insulated.

The door panels were insulated from the inside.

The door panels were mounted and of course, nothing is visible from the outside.

The GPS antenna was mounted on the dashboard under the middle plastic cover. Thanks to plastic and glass, the GPS receiving is easy. The DAB antenna was mounted between windscreen and roof cover. Thus, both antennas are hidden inconspicuously.

The microphone for the integrated hands-free system of the Alpine Navi Station INE-W987D was mounted inconspicuously behind the original mesh panel on the interior lighting.

The double DIN adapter panel has been adapted to the new look of the interior and the edging of the neckline was painted black glossy.

The double DIN adapter panel was installed.

The Alpine Navi Station INE-987D also.

The look fits perfectly. Also because also the case itself of the Alpine Navi Station INE-987D is kept in black gloss.

The bass reflex housing for the JL Audio 25cm Subwoofer 10TW3 was custom built from Street-Beat .

The bass reflex housing is equipped with a bracket for the JL Audio 3-Channel Amplifier XD500/3.

The bass rflex housing was perfectly integrated into the spare wheel throug.

The cables find enough space behind.

The JL Audio 3-Channel Amplifier XD500/3 has been wired for easy access.

The newly made trunk floor has now a recess for the optics of the JL Audio 3-Channel Amplifier XD500/3 and three recesses, which are required for the bass reflex channel. Then the music system was adjusted by Audio Art. Done.

Detail view.

Detail view.