Renault Sport Clio V6 Ph1 N °1111

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Converted before the new car delivery with mileage 25km from march to July 2002. All changes, as pictured in the pictures, homologated.


  • Cleaning: Renault Sport Clio V6 (2002)
  • 18″ Wheels: Renault Sport Clio V6 (2002) / came 2004 in series at the Phase 2
  • Alcantara Interior: Renault Sport Clio V6 (2002) / came 2004 in series at the Phase 2
  • Conversion from L7X 760 to L7X 762 Engine: Renault Sport Clio V6 (2009)
  • Quaife ATB Limited Slip Differential: Renault Clio Sport V6 / PK6 Gearbox (2010) / The development of this limited slip differential was commissioned by RS Center at Quaife and is since then freely available.


  • No number plate recess front, door locks
  • Near Renault signs front and rear, rear lid closed
  • No spray nozzles front and rear, side blinker, roof antenna, 3rd brake light and rear wiper
  • Carbon fiber racing mirror left and right
  • Everywhere outside and inside the car body stainless steel hexagon screws
  • Car over in silver and  with “Renault Sport” & “Clio V6” lettering in black

Wheels, Suspension, Brake

  • 18″ Wheels
  • RSC Competition Pro coilover
  • Front axle & rear axle 70mm lower


  • Intake system complete phase 2 including sports air filter (complete conversion from L7X 760 to L7X762)
  • Suction funnel polished
  • devil complete exhaust system including Trophy manifolds and 2×100 cells metal catalysts
  • Mechanical hydraulic power steering pump including tanks and pipes removed
  • Electric hydraulic pump for power steering at the front
  • ECU mapping
  • 270,64 PS / 199kW at 6750 U/min & 310Nm at 4910 U/min


  • Phase 1 PK6 012 gearbox to phase 2 PK6 017 gearbox converted including Quaife ATB limited slip differential QDF10M
  • Clutch kit upgraded to phase 2 (dual-mass flywheel)
  • Shifter upgraded to phase 2 (shorter)


  • Roof sky, A-B-C columns, door panels, engine covers, mirror and b-pillars covers of the doors and rear loudspeaker covers covered with alcantara
  • All gray plastic parts painted matt blue (dashboard, door panels, sill covers, etc.)
  • Polished door opener
  • Throughout the interior stainless steel hexagon screws
  • Full shells seats covered with alcantara and painted seat shells in car color
  • “Renault Sport” logo and “Clio V6” embroidered in the seats
  • Specially made adjustable seat consoles in car color
  • Silver 3″ “Renault F1” 6-point belts
  • Sport steering wheel 340mm with hub extension silver anodised
  • Sport steering wheel silver matt painted as the anodized parts in the interior (door opener, shift knob, gear shift lever)
  • Handle door left without mirror adjustment (racing mirror)


  • Optima Yellow Top S 4.2 55Ah 765A starter battery
  • Silver flasher lights front, park, highbeam and fog bulbs in high-White
  • Xenon light
  • Complete red taillights
  • Front parking lamps, number lighting and interior lighting in LED
  • Electrical rear cover release
  • Renault F1 LED speed indicator in silver anodised and N.O.S actuation in silver matt integrated in the steering wheel: Left N.O.S On – right N.O.S Off
  • Blue immobilizer diode and red N.O.S control LED in the Instrument cluster
  • Black dials without red markings, with “Renault Sport”, “Renault F1” and “Clio V6 N ° 1111” logo print. Logos in original color
  • Speedometer up to 300km/h and calibrated according to installed tires
  • Driver’s, side airbag left and right, belt tensioner left and right and belt detection immobilized
  • Passenger airbag and airbag control fully functional

Car Hi-Fi

  • Alpine  CDA-137BTi CD Receiver
  • Alpine APF-S101RE steering wheel remote control interface
  • iPod Classic 6.5G 160GB “Renault Sport Clio V6 N ° 1111″, silver anodized
  • RS Center iPod console in Alcantara look embedded in the passenger footwell
  • Audio Art music system:
    • RS Audio 16cm 2-way system, tweeter on dashboard painted matt blue
    • XETEC Gravity 4G-600 4 channel amplifier in the passenger footwell, painted matt blue, illuminated with LED
    • Audio Art bass reflex housing behind the seats on the shelf, housing covered with Alcantara
    • 1 farad capacitor