Renault Sport Clio V6 Ph1 N °1111

Conversion Alcantara Interior

Here’s described the conversion of the interior to complete Alcantara, including all panel in dark blue. For an even better result in execution and end result, it was especially paid attention to some details.

The roof sky, the column and engine covers had long been covered with dark blue Alcantara. The Sparco Evo racing seats in fabric with additional embroidery including the light gray 6 point belts were also already mounted. Now everything was better adjusted. All plastic parts were uniformly dark blue painted, and now also covered the Sparco Evo racing seats with Alcantara.

So it looked so far.
So it looked so far.

The door panels and the racing seats were removed.

The center console was removed.

The upper dashboard has been removed.

The lower dashboard has been removed.

The plastic parts to be painted.

These were still completely disassembled and cleaned.

The dashboard also.

The original Alcantara cover was also removed.

The plastic parts came back from the painter.

The dashboard was completed again.

And reinstalled.

View from the right.

The center console was painted in car color.

The Alcantara covers of the handbrake and the gearshift are made in the new color including the silver seams.

The center console was completed again.

The handbrake cover in the new look.

The gear shift cover also.

The completed central console was mounted.

The upper dashboard was also completed.

The air nozzles were reinstalled.

The upper dashboard were mounted.

The look is now more harmonious with exclusively blue dashboard.

The look is now more harmonious with exclusively blue dashboard.

The racing seats were disassembled by the saddler.

The embroidery was changed.

And repositioned.

The Alcantara parts came back from embroidery.

The Sparco Evo racing seats were finished by the saddler.

Detailed view.

View from behind.

Detailed view.

Detailed view.

The result was impressive.

Absolutely perfect.

The door panels were newly covered after painting. First, the contact adhesive was applied.

Then the foam was followed for the Alcantara.

This was followed by covering with Alcantara.

The margins had to be cut. Ready for assembly.

The door panels were installed. Now everything is modern and harmonious.

Detail view left.

Detail view right.

First the driver’s seat was installed.

Then the passenger seat.

After the 6 point belts were washed, they could be installed.

Detail view.

Detail view.

Detail view.

View from behind.

The passenger’s footrest trim of the amplifier was also covered with Alcantara. Previously, it was blue moket fabric.

Detail view.

The panel has been installed.

The lighting was already installed since the Car Hi-Fi installation.

The steering wheel was also new painted, identical to the shift lever knob, and re-covered with leather.

In addition, the steering wheel got a center mark of blue leather.

With side segments in perforated leather.

The seams became silver as the Sparco Evo racing seats.

The steering wheel was reassembled. Finished.

The RS Center Video From The Conversion