Product Description



  • Available in one piece / monoblock or in two pieces
  • Machined from forged T6061 aluminum
  • The production is always made to measure / according to customer requirements / no return possible
  • Orders are only possible with a completed “Brake Caliper Clearence Form”

RSC Custom Wheels Brake Caliper Clearance Form

Available dimensions

  • Diameter (with price gradations): 17″ / 18″ / 19″ / 20″ / 21″ / 22″ (others on request)
  • All wheel widths (two piece wheels from 8″) up to and including 10.5″ without upcharge / incl.
  • Offsets and bolt circles freely selectable (no upcharge / incl.)

Available finishes

  • Painted (choice of over 30 shades) (no upcharge / incl.)
  • Glossy or matte finish (no upcharge / incl.)
  • RSC logo in the hub cap in the wheel color or in black (no upcharge / incl.)
  • Polished & clear coat (transparent or tinted) (with upcharge)
  • Brushed & clear coat (transparent or tinted) (with upcharge)
  • Anodized (transparent or colored) (with upcharge)

Color and surface selection

Selling prices

  • Sales prices according to the online shop
  • Upcharge wheel width over 10.5″: + CHF / € 30.- per wheel
  • Upcharge polished & clear coat (transparent or colored): + CHF / € 50.- per wheel
  • Upcharge brushed & clear coat (transparent or colored): + CHF / € 70.- per wheel
  • Upcharge anodized (transparent or colored): + CHF / € 90.- per wheel
  • All prices / information excl. 7.7% taxes
  • Prices in € only valid for EU & UK customers
  • It applies: Order / items against prepayment


  • CH: Declaration of suitability enclosed
  • CH: DTC reports for track widths >2% available (CHF 75.-)
  • D & A: Manufacturer’s clearance confirmation for the individual acceptance is enclosed
  • D & A: Manufacturer component and strength reports for individual acceptance on request

Delivery times

  • Approx. 8 weeks from the order / receipt of the advance payment
  • Faster delivery time possible with upcharge


  • 2 years from date of delivery.
  • The warranty refers to manufacturing defects and leaks in compliance with the properly according handling and professional installation of the product. This also assumes compliance with the supplied installation & care instructions which also are provided on our homepage to download.
  • The warranty does not apply to damage caused by improper handling and unprofessional installation, failure to comply with the supplied installation & care instructions, which also are provided on our homepage to download, and which are due to the influences of externally violence.
  • When operated on race tracks, the warranty expires

Further Information